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We offer a variety of tailored services all grounded in expert group process design and masterful facilitation.


Assessments and Personality Profiles  Meeting Facilitation and Group Process Design

If your group needs to plan a project, develop a strategy, resolve a conflict, make a difficult decision, or simply hold an exceptional meeting — we can help. We will work with you to design a group process so you can hold the conversations you most need, make decisions, and take action. Whether it is a 60-minute virtual meeting, a three-month series of in-person encounters, or something in-between, we can tailor a facilitated solution for you.

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Team Development  Team Development

Whether your team is moving from good to great or escaping dysfunction, we have solutions that can help, including industry-leading diagnostic assessments; team and leader coaching; and considerable team intervention expertise.

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Leadership and Management Training  Leadership and Management Training

If your leaders and managers need to develop skills and change behaviors, we can tailor training solutions to their particular needs. All of our training solutions are built to maximize skill development through repeated practice and feedback. We specialize in training leaders to coach and hold powerful conversations, and influence their own and others’ behavior change.

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Assessments and Personality Profiles  Assessments and Personality Profiles

Do you need insight into how your organization, department, or team can improve? Or how particular individuals can work together effectively? We have a range of 360° assessments, leadership profiles, team diagnostics, and personality indicators that can be used as stand-alone tools or within a facilitated workshop.

Assessments include:

  • TCI Team Diagnostic
  • Hay Group Leadership Styles and Climate
  • Hay Group Emotional and Social Competency Inventory
  • Korn Ferry Voices 360’s
  • Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and Strong Interest Inventory
  • Kolb Learning Styles Inventory


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Coaching  Coaching

Soisson & Associates provides expert coaching for teams and individual leaders as well as coaching instruction for staff at all levels. Our coaching solutions are built around behavior change models —with a strong bias towards action and results.

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Strategic Planning  Strategic Planning

Do you need to determine where your organization should head and how best to get there? Soisson & Associates offers an array of strategic planning processes, tools, and workshops to help you make strategic decisions expressed in simple, actionable plans.

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Change Management  Change Management

When it's time for your organization or team to make a significant transition — whether it’s a shift in culture, business model, strategy, process, or behaviors — Soisson & Associates can help. We will work with your leaders to map out a change process to ease implementation, reduce resistance, and accelerate the transition to the new way of working.

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Organization Analysis and Design  Organization Analysis and Design

Has your organization or team outgrown its structure? Do your roles, positions, processes, incentives, or skillsets no longer enable success? We can help you assess your current structure and help you redesign and successfully transition into a new one.

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