Team Development  Team Development

Whether your team is moving from good to great or escaping dysfunction, we have solutions that can help, including industry-leading diagnostic assessments; team and leader coaching; and considerable team intervention expertise.


Team Development - Improving How Teams Work Together

Team Building

We provide a wide range of customized team development activities and workshops that can help teams identify common goals, create alignment, clarify roles, build camaraderie, and resolve conflicts.  If your team is just forming or has a new leader we can facilitate solutions to get you on the right path.

Team Coaching

Team coaching enables a team to celebrate successes, acknowledge development needs, discuss what matters most, and decide how to move forward. Our team coaching process begins with the Team Coaching International Team Diagnostic assessment to identify team competencies and challenges and to set developmental goals. The coaching process typically involves an in-person workshop and four to eight post-assessment (virtual or in-person) coaching sessions.

Team Intervention

If your team is experiencing significant communication challenges, distrust, or conflict, you may need a team intervention. We conduct interviews with each team member, then create and share a report of overall issues with the team. In work sessions, team members articulate their perspectives and needs, put the important issues on the table, and work toward resolution in an emotionally safe environment.


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