Leadership and Management Training  Leadership and Management Training

If your leaders and managers need to develop skills and change behaviors, we can tailor training solutions to their particular needs. All of our training solutions are built to maximize skill development through repeated practice and feedback. We specialize in training leaders to coach and hold powerful conversations, and influence their own and others’ behavior change.

Leadership and Management Training - Helping Your Leaders Develop Powerful Skills

Industry Leading Courses

We proudly offer a number of “top-shelf” training courses from industry-leading training providers, including VitalSmarts, FranklinCovey, InsideOut Development, Linkage, and Ken Blanchard.

  • VitalSmarts Crucial Conversations
  • VitalSmarts Influencer
  • FranklinCovey Speed of Trust
  • InsideOut Coaching
  • Linkage Leading Organizational Transition
  • Blanchard Situational Leadership


Customized Instructional Design & Delivery

Soisson & Associates can develop and deliver customized training content to meet your learning needs. All of our training is built on evidence-based instructional design methods and features intensive, practice-based skill acquisition, and post-training behavior change support. We build custom training on a small range of topics where we have strong content expertise. These include:


We maintain a robust network of training associates. If your training needs are not in our wheelhouse, we can connect you to an expert trainer with a similar design philosophy. To learn more about how Soisson & Associates can provide training or instructional design please contact us today.

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