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If your group needs to plan a project, develop a strategy, resolve a conflict, make a difficult decision, or simply hold an exceptional meeting — we can help. We will work with you to design a group process so you can hold the conversations you most need, make decisions, and take action. Whether it is a 60-minute virtual meeting, a three-month series of in-person encounters, or something in-between, we can tailor a facilitated solution for you.

Meeting Facilitation and Group Process Design - Providing Meeting Facilitation and Assistance Designing Processes

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Good facilitators are much cheaper than bad meetings. Let us help ensure your most important meetings achieve your objectives. Exceptional facilitation is the foundation on which all of our work is built. We design and facilitate processes that allow you to:

  • solve a problem
  • identify innovative solutions
  • resolve a difficult conflict
  • exchange critical information
  • make important decisions

We have more than 15 years of experience designing and facilitating in-person and virtual meetings that are engaging, participatory, and enjoyable.

Group Process Design & Facilitation

Our clients often need help designing and executing a multi-step process to adjust a business model, develop a strategy, re-design a department, design a project, or managing change. We can help you design and facilitate short- or long-term engagements to support your most important initiatives.

Facilitation Training

Do your leaders or development professionals need to hone their meeting facilitation skills? We have extensive experience developing facilitative skills in leaders or turning “sage-on-stage” trainers into true facilitators of learning.


To learn more about how Soisson & Associates can help your organization design or facilitate meetings, trainings, or process design, please contact us today.

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