Mapping the Future of IT in Austin, Texas

The Texas Department of Information Resources and an impressive group of CIOs and IT experts from across Texas met in Austin to identify technology trends, clarify a picture of the ideal technology environment, and begin to create strategies to achieve that ideal state. It is a pleasure to watch smart people working in small groups on fast paced activities come to consensus on big ideas.

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Developing Teams with Community Brands in Chicago, IL

A growing company, Community Brands, is a leading provider of cloud-based software to associations, nonprofits, faith-based groups, and K-12 schools. The leadership team met in March 2019 to engage in a full day of challenging team development work. We built an understanding and appreciation across teams, identified and addressed tension points, and chose actions that will improve teamwork and the customer experience.

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Promoting Cancer Vaccination in Birmingham, AL

How do you spread the practice of vaccination against six types of preventable cancer? That’s what over 80 participants in the SE Regional Summit of HPV Coalitions gathered in Birmingham to discuss. In the pictured activity, participants are crowdsourcing the best cross-state strategies for vaccination promotion. We had expert clinical and epidemiological presentations, cross-state and intra-state planning opportunities, and plenty of time for professional networking. Thanks to our wonderful hosts, the University of Alabama Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center, supporters from the CDC, and leadership from the National HPV Roundtable.

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Setting the Research Agenda in Denver, CO

Fight Colorectal Cancer gathered 35 brilliant scientists and public health professionals in Denver during the last week of January 2019. After two wonderful presentations to set the stage, we broke into groups and began a series of exercises to determine which risk factors are most critical to study, and how current and new studies can be leveraged to determine which risk factors are driving the increase in incidents of early on-set colorectal cancer. Never underestimate the power of combining simple questions, intelligent people, structured discussion, and 3M Post-it Notes. We landed on some fascinating conclusions. Thanks to Andi Dwyer, Fight CRC, and our wonderful participants from across the globe.

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Dean’s Summit for Policy Schools in Atlanta

What happens when 25 deans of the top Public Policy Schools in the United States get together for a symposium? They don’t self-promote or compete. Rather, they identify a Manhattan Project to forward the entire field! In a fast-paced series of exercises, we identified the key challenges facing Public Policy education and determined places where the deans can collaborate to create the future of Policy Studies. Special thanks to host Sally Wallace and Georgia State University and chair Angela Evans from the University of Texas. And mad props to Jenny Knowles Morrison (standing) for her impromptu and excellent co-facilitation.

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