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Soisson & Associates provides expert coaching for teams and individual leaders as well as coaching instruction for staff at all levels. Our coaching solutions are built around behavior change models —with a strong bias towards action and results.

Coaching - Providing Expert Coaching to Your Teams and Organizations

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching employs an evidence-based behavioral change model designed to help leaders quickly turn new behaviors into actions and actions into habits. All coaching work begins with formal assessments and often includes peer-supported, feed-forward elements to create a successful behavior-change environment.

Team Coaching

Team coaching enables a team to celebrate successes, acknowledge development needs, discuss what matters most, and decide how to move forward. Our team coaching process begins with the Team Coaching International Team Diagnostic assessment to identify team competencies and challenges and set developmental goals. The coaching process typically involves an in-person workshop and four to eight post-assessment (virtual or in-person) coaching sessions.

Coaching Training

We have trained hundreds of leaders and development professionals and have experience building internal coaching cadres. Like all of our training, our coaching development programs are built with research-based instructional design practices employing cycles of practice and feedback supported by post-training transfer strategies.

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