Revolutionizing College Access in Austin, Texas

College Forward (CoFo) is one of the nation’s most successful and innovative college access and completion organizations. The board and staff of CoFo met to re-think its and the entire college access field’s approach to its work. The team reviewed, debated, challenged, revised, and found unanimous support for moving forward in developing an exciting new business model. Thanks to CEO Austin Buchan and COO Rip Rowan for allowing me to continue to participate in the success of this exceptional mission and organization.

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Team Development for Alzheimer’s Contact Center Leadership in Chicago

Along with expanding its operation and impact, the Alzheimer’s Association’s contact center has recently increased the size and scope of its leadership team. We spent four days of intense development activities with this new team. We worked to create team agreements, identify and address tension points, understand others’ needs and personality types, clarify roles, engage in cross-team conversations, and increase role clarity. I was deeply impressed by the authenticity and commitment of this team and the center leader, Ruth Drew.

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Coaching Training for Managers in Austin

We had a great two days of learning at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The managers protecting the health and safety of Texans met to develop their coaching skills. We spent two very engaging days learning to empathetically listen, ask powerful questions, and help employees unlock their potential. Naturally, you learn to coach by coaching – so we spent the days doing exercises, paired practice, and fishbowl coaching.

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Consulting Workshop at Ochsner Health Systems in New Orleans

Thanks to the amazing Human Resource Business Partners from Ochsner Health System in New Orleans for a wonderful day of learning. We spent the day working on our consulting skills and practicing client-facing consulting conversations. Everyone showed up strong in our “fishbowl” practice sessions. Special thanks to Susan Bacher and Stacy Melvin—internal Ochsner staff for lending their expertise.

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Navigation Roundtable Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

How do you help cancer patients access the medical care they need in a remarkably complex healthcare system? Almost 200 medical professionals, social workers, academics, and researchers met in Washington, DC, at the National Patient Navigation Roundtable annual meeting to answer this question. Thanks to Monica Dean, Katherine Sharpe, and the Roundtable Chairs for allowing me to help facilitate these important conversations.

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